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Sun Kil Moon

—I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same


I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same by Sun Kil Moon

When anything close to me at all in the world died, to my heart, forever, it would be tied.

Phenomenal album.

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January to July, 2014

Week One

Following my long overdue rest my dear friend Emily from back home arrived at my hotel and we navigated our way back to her flat in Battersby. Emily was kind enough to let me stay with her and her two flatmates until I left the following Thursday where I would continue my travels with a short stay in Belgium. Spending the majority of our days soaking in the rare English warm weather wandering around central London and Southbank, Emily became a tourist in her own city and I familiarised myself with the surroundings.

Time for me to talk about buildings. Although London as a whole cannot be characterised by any one architectural style, many inner city suburbs such as Emily’s featured Georgian style buildings. Containing rectangular sash windows, “London stock bricks” and parapets, I was immediately drawn to these boxes of history. Being a relatively low-rise city the major skyscrapers really stick out however I personally don’t think they take away the cities character. 

Highlights of my week or so in London included visits to The British Museum to view the Asian and Egyptian exhibitions, the Tate Modern, a burger joint I cannot for the life of me remember, seeing Nick Lucas, a vegan BBQ and board games at new friends Rob and Sarah’s apartment complex and meeting some other excellent humans through Emily.  Before leaving I also caught up with fellow Brisbane human Millie who took me on a tour of her now local area of Camden as we spent the afternoon and evening conversing and exchanging stories of the last few months. 

Overall, London was fantastic. People who have visited before have told me mixed responses about their experiences but personally I thoroughly enjoyed it. Navigating through thousands of people during peak afternoon periods was challenging but I managed, and my experience was further impacted by seeing old friends and being able to meet new people through them. Leeds, where I will be living once I have finished travelling, is only a few hours away on the train so in between university I’m positive I will be back multiple times. I also saw Converge for the first time too, that was very dope.

Belgium, and more importantly Ieperfest, is next on the agenda.

- Rimas

Kryžių Kalnas - Hill of Crosses 

- Šiauliai, Lietuva 

The Beginning

Three flights, three countries and after several servings of plane food later I have arrived, albeit dreary eyed, in Westminster, London. I have no particular theme or direction with these entries nor do I think one will develop over time but for my own reflection, and for the very few interested in what I’m doing for the next nine months, I will be publishing some pieces via this website. Due to insecurities surrounding my work I am usually unwilling to post my writings but I think maybe 10-15 people could read these forthcoming entries so this time I will go for it.

I am no veteran long haul flyer so I can’t guarantee if my findings are correct, but out of my three flights not one was cancelled or delayed by more than half an hour, which is pretty good, right? Flying for me exposes you to strangers at their very worst. Tired, stressed, smelly and rude people are found in abundance upon planes and in terminals and I make the most of these situations and talk to as many people as possible. Flying brings out the worst, but it also brings out honesty and people opening up to you in a way which I have only encountered a handful of other times, one of which includes sharing a bed with someone. Because of my painfully annoying search to meet new people I am drawn into plane talk about nothing nearly every time I fly.

During these flights I met some very interesting people from very different backgrounds. One older man was an American Airlines pilot who I quizzed relentlessly about the missing Malaysian plane. Another young lady was a university student returning to London from Nepal seeking to find where she belongs. An Australian Father and daughter from Cairns proved to be quite useful as they accompanied myself to the tube to try and navigate our way to London. Besides leaving my Macbook charger in Australia (which will no doubly have an impact on how quick I post this) everything went according to plan and I spent my first proper day abroad wandering around Westminster and visiting the Imperial War Museum.

The recently re-opened museum was extremely impressive. Covering five floors and every major war effort that the British have been a part of since WWI, the museum was exploding with information and fragments of war such as shot down fighter planes, soldier uniforms and guns, lots of guns.

After a few hours trying to process all the information available I decided to call it a day and head to my hotel. I have never stayed in a hotel by myself before and I booked it last minute as a treat for making it through the flights before I succumb to the cheap backpacker hostels.

Pioneering New York straightedge band Judge are playing a one off show in London tonight but the combination of 30 pound tickets, straight edge anthems that don’t really mean anything anymore and that I haven’t slept in a bed since 3:30am Wednesday means I will give this one a miss. 

Until next time,


Some fun weekend things and a piccy of Remy and i the first day we met because he leaves for extended tour this week :’(

I’m going to miss this person a lot



This happened during our set today

Anonymous asked: Andrew give me life advice.


Sell 85% of what you own and move into a smaller place. Follow a professional sports team. Get a hobby that promises minuscule returns for massive effort. When you get an iced coffee, stop and reflect on how cool it is that you can afford something that requires so much planning and execution on a global level, and really enjoy it. Be pleasant to talk to. Embrace the meteor.