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"Sex got stale, that’s the way it happened"

Music composed to be soul crushing

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With the allure of surprising our friend Bex, when I was in London I coerced Emily to join me attend Ieperfest. Bex was travelling from Australia for the festival and then off to travel Europe with some old friends she met in the US. The original plan was to meet her at the airport once she got off the plane, but due to the lack of wifi available at the train station to find out where to go and my incompetence we arrived late.

For those unaware, Ieperfest is a 3 day DIY vegan punk/hardcore festival held in the fields in Ieper, Belgium. The town itself is known to most for its place in World War I history and the magnificent churches that engulf the otherwise small city, but for the few thousand or so punks the main attraction was what was happening a few kilometres away from the city centre. Personally, the festival site and its set up was the best I have seen. Although there were thousands of people there, for the majority of the festival it still had a 100-200 small room show-like atmosphere that I didn’t think would be possible at an event of this scale. Everyone in attendance was well behaved, there were zero fights and overall the atmosphere was something that I have never experienced before.

 New friends were made, a copious amount of vegan food was eaten and many bands playing loud music were watched. No Warning, Gorilla Biscuits, Converge etc. played in a field in Belgium and had one of the best times of my life. Morning Again reforming with their first vocalist Damien to play Hand of Hope in full was a powerful and confronting performance that reminded me people still actually care about this music and the message even when they reach an age that you are supposed to “grow out” of punk.

 After the Saturday night of the festival I was getting ready to pack my belongings when I struck up a conversation with two locals. Ryanne and her boyfriend picked up on my Australian accent and asked if I knew the band “Upperground” from Sydney and said they were big fans of theirs. They were kind enough to let me catch a ride with them back to Brussels, stay with them along with US band Swamps and save myself waiting 5 hours at the station for the 4am 2 ½ train back to Brussels Sunday morning

Two weeks into my trip I have seen more new places then I have in the last few years in Australia. It has been a great experience already and I haven’t even travelled to Lithuania, Italy or Greece yet. All the skimping, saving and working hard at university seems to be paying off.



Anonymous asked: Is Remy still in the band?


remy’s a ramblin’ man who plays by nobody’s rules but his own

(he’s spending a semester in the UK and is returning to australia at some point but i also have a feeling he sold all his gear [???] - we have a new bass player/vocalist in Sarah Deasy [of Ultra Material, who you should all check out] & if remy returns and is still interested we’ll probably find some way to incorporate him still)


I play by my own rules

Low Season are the best band in Brisbane right now.

—Us, 2014 (via lowseasonmusic)

Sun Kil Moon

—I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same


I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same by Sun Kil Moon

When anything close to me at all in the world died, to my heart, forever, it would be tied.

Phenomenal album.

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January to July, 2014

Week One

Following my long overdue rest my dear friend Emily from back home arrived at my hotel and we navigated our way back to her flat in Battersby. Emily was kind enough to let me stay with her and her two flatmates until I left the following Thursday where I would continue my travels with a short stay in Belgium. Spending the majority of our days soaking in the rare English warm weather wandering around central London and Southbank, Emily became a tourist in her own city and I familiarised myself with the surroundings.

Time for me to talk about buildings. Although London as a whole cannot be characterised by any one architectural style, many inner city suburbs such as Emily’s featured Georgian style buildings. Containing rectangular sash windows, “London stock bricks” and parapets, I was immediately drawn to these boxes of history. Being a relatively low-rise city the major skyscrapers really stick out however I personally don’t think they take away the cities character. 

Highlights of my week or so in London included visits to The British Museum to view the Asian and Egyptian exhibitions, the Tate Modern, a burger joint I cannot for the life of me remember, seeing Nick Lucas, a vegan BBQ and board games at new friends Rob and Sarah’s apartment complex and meeting some other excellent humans through Emily.  Before leaving I also caught up with fellow Brisbane human Millie who took me on a tour of her now local area of Camden as we spent the afternoon and evening conversing and exchanging stories of the last few months. 

Overall, London was fantastic. People who have visited before have told me mixed responses about their experiences but personally I thoroughly enjoyed it. Navigating through thousands of people during peak afternoon periods was challenging but I managed, and my experience was further impacted by seeing old friends and being able to meet new people through them. Leeds, where I will be living once I have finished travelling, is only a few hours away on the train so in between university I’m positive I will be back multiple times. I also saw Converge for the first time too, that was very dope.

Belgium, and more importantly Ieperfest, is next on the agenda.

- Rimas